Medium format Photography

The following images are taken with my beloved medium format camera.
It's an old Eastern-Germany made fully manual SLR, with a Zeiss lens.
The frame size is 60mm by 60mm, resulting in a four times larger area
of the image compread to regular film.
The scans come out at 25 Megapixels using my simple Epson 2400 flatbed
scanner. Unfortunately, the scanner can't capture the full luminosity of the
original slides. With this camera, I generally use the Fujifilm Velvia roll film.
The server of this site has a size limit of 800KB, so the images are compressed
and some actually reduced in size from 25 to 16 Megapixels to match this limit


Colorful fall in the Blue-Ridge mountains. This is the view from the
Whitewater Falls in Brevard, North Carolina, towards lake Jockassee.
Here you can look over the border into South Carolina.(16 MPixels)

The Whitewater Falls in their full beauty. With about 140m height,
these are the highest falls east of the Rockies. (16MPixels)

This is a wonderfull sunset in the Smokey Mountains, as seen on the Blue
Ridge Parkway, about 50km north of Asheville, North Carolina.(25 MPixels)

This colorful sunset was taken in Asheville, North Carolina. The view is over
the crossing of the Longshoals and Hendersonville roads (25MPixels)

This image was taken in Charleston, South carolina, in the wonderful
swamp gardens of the Magnolia Plantation. The green cover is not grass,
but duck-weed.(16MPixels)

Another scene in swamp gardens of the Magnolia Plantation
in Charleston, South carolina. More duck-weed. (10MPixels)
(the high number of detail does not allow for larger image)

Red Berries in the beautiful landscape of the Smokey Mountains,
looking at the Grave Yard Field site on the Blue Ridge Parkway,
close to Brevard, North Carolina (16MPixels)

The Tipple-falls are part of a system of waterfalls in the Dupont
State Forrest, Close to Brevard, North Carolina.(25MPixels)

This is the view from a look-out on the side of the Blue Ridge Parkway
over the Smokey Montains. The picture is taken some 20 km south of
Asheville, North Carolina. The rock formation in the lower center is called
Looking Glass Rock (25MPixels)

Wind mills on a cold winter morning on the road between
Flomborn and Kirchheimbolanden, Germany.(28MPixels)

Late summer wineyards in full color, as seen close to the Pffermühle
between Bad Dürkheim and Wachenheim, Germany (25MPixels)

A sunset in the Gulf of Mexico, as observed on a summer evening,
on the beach of Cristal River, Florida .(25MPixels)

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